On the road...

Nathan, Hailey, Ty and I packed our bags and got in the car today to drive to Erie, Pa. Most of my family has not met Hailey yet. We will be staying for a week so everyone can have time to spend with her. I am excited about seeing my niece Khloe and meetine my cousin Kinlee (sp?).

Nathan and I also are excited to actually be on a vacation. I am going to take this time to look at the things I would like to accomplish for this next year. I would love to get our new life with Hailey organized a bit more. Like a new budget, making a household errand/chore schedule, learn to knit, continue generating new clients and sales with my Tastefully Simple business and possibly figuring out another way to bring in more income to our home by using my creative skills.
More to come...

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