Savings in Review

Coldwater Creek Order:  This was on Friday with the 30% off plus using code WZH3848 I got an EXTRA 30% off and FREE SHIPPING!

Slub Soft Tee Scarf  $4.90 (Originally somewhere around $35)

Drawstring Collar Jacket Gold $13.99   (Originally $110!!!!)

Ombre Flip Flop BLK  $2.79 (Originally $19.95)

Subtotal $21.68

Sales Tax $2.01

Shipping & Handling $0.00  

Grand Total $23.69                        Total Savings: $144.22

2nd Coldwater Creek Order 50% off plus extra 30% off and FREE Shipping!!

Wood Beaded Flip Flops Paprika $4.89 (Originally $19.95)

Pocket Detail Jacket Green $10.49 (Originally $59.95)

Bi Stretch Twill Crop Pants Mocha $8.40 (Originally $50.95)

Subtotal: $25.87

Sales Tax: $2.40

Shipping & Handling: $0.00

Grand Total: $28.27                  Total Saved: $124.93
Total Spent: $51.96                   Total Saved: $269.15

AWESOME!!!! So excited about the new clothes and shoes coming in the mail! They better fit too or I will have to start eating healthier!

Target Shopping Trip:

I found a black long sleeve shirt on clearance for $4.98 plus I had a $3 off coupon!

Total Paid: $2.16

Pictures will come later when I get all the items in the mail!

Thank you to hip2save.com for the Coldwater Creek Code for an extra 30% off and Free Shipping!

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