Yesterday was so beautiful outside! Hailey and I went to Imagination Station in Collegedale, Tn with my friend Megan and her two children. It was so much fun to go outside and get some exercise. I don't know how much we walked but I know it was a lot! I am so sore right now!

Here is a picture from yesterday at Imagination Station. I need to learn to keep my camera and video camera on me at all times when doing new things with Hailey.

Hailey's first time on the swing! She LOVED it! Jack (Megan's son) pushed her a little bit and she was so thrilled! It was so sweet to watch them.

After we walked around the park, we went to a little cafe called The Creamy Bean. It has sandwiches, subs, salads, soups, frappes, coffee, tea, and gelato! It was so yummy. Megan and I both had the Turkey Pesto Panini. Hailey had her first grilled cheese sandwich which she almost ate every last bite of it too! And we all had some gelato! It was so yummy. I couldn't even finish mine all! Fun times!

After we ate lunch, Hailey and I headed to the Super Bi-lo in Ooltewah. They are having some great deals on meats, condiments and buns! I love Memorial Day Sales. I have no picture for you to look at because yesterday was a very busy day. I had to make chicken for dinner but didn't start it until 2:45 in the slow cooker. It was yummy though.

Side Note: My wonderful hubby made the baked potatoes! They were so good! 

Back to our shopping trip...here is what we got:
                                                    Price after sales and coupons 
2 Ball Park Hamburger Buns - $0.67 for 2
2 French's Spicy Mustard - Free plus .18 overage!
3 French's Worceshire - Free plus .53 overage!
1 Sunlight Gel -$2.69
1 Blue Bonnet Light Stick Butter- $1.00
1 Gal. Whole Milk -$3.85 (I will not buy milk here again..I can get it cheaper at Alid and Greenlife)
2 pks shredded cheese - $1.98
1 Internation Delight Creamer- Free (free pint coupon)
1 Trop 50 Lemonade -$1.00
2 Large eggs -$1.76
1 Southern Home Ice Cream - Free (free coupon)
3 lbs Ground Beef -$7.47
4.46 lbs Pork Ribs -$9.23
1.72 lbs Bananas -$1.01

Subtotal before savings: $61.61
My Savings: $31.15
Subtotal after savings: $30.46

Not too bad for my first coupon/deal shopping at Bi-lo!

What were your deal finds?

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