Last Time This Month...I promise!

I know what you are thinking...I am really bad at this whole "I am not spending anymore money on groceries or toiletries this month"! I promise this is my last Publix "Deal" shopping! There were things I could not pass up on. Free Protein Bars, Free Pasta (I know MORE PASTA!---this is for our Neighborhood Association Dinner 6/16), Super Cheap Peanut Butter, ect! 

And I did have to go today because this was the only day I could go. Tomorrow Hailey starts a Kindermusik class! So excited! And of course we had to run out of COFFEE!!! I don't know about you but I cannot go without coffee!

This is my BIGGEST SAVINGS on groceries! I will say I did not realize it until I got out to the car and of course I had to call Nathan and let him know! Alrighty here you go: 

2 Hunts Ketchup - $0.32
2 Lg. Ragu Sauces - $2.44 (this was more than I thought it was going to be)
4 Knorr Pasta Sides - $1.16
2 Texas Toast Crutons - FREE plus .02 overage
1 Seattle's Best Coffee - $4.99
5 Pure Protein Bars - FREE
4 Think Thin Bars - $1.00
2 Luna Bars - FREE plus .02 overage
4 Ronzoni Pasta - $0.78
1 pk Strawberries - $0.50
3 Sargento Shredded Cheese - $2.45
2 V-8 Splash - $2.29
1 Pomp. Olive Oil - $2.00
10 Peter Pan PB - $2.15
1 Bayer Asprain - FREE plus .26 overage
Used $2 off produce with $10 purchase (Bi-Lo)
Used $2 off $30 or more purchase (Bi-Lo)
Used $16.50 Store Coupons (includes the doubled man. coupons)
Used $24.44 Manuf. Coupons

Total Spent: 17.78 plus $3.72 Tax = $21.50
Total Saved: $82.19!!!!!!

That is almost a 80% savings!!!! I am happy but I will say that I was hoping to stay under $10-$15. Some of the prices were different from other areas which normally they are cheaper not more expensive. Oh well. I cannot win them all. If everything would have been as I wanted it would have been under $15 with taxes included but I was able to stock up on tons of things we use!

I did stop at Aldi to purchase 2 gallons of milk for Hailey which cost me $6.44. I am sure I will have to do this a couple more times but that will be all we need! Of course, I have said that a few times now.

Total Spent To Date On Groceries: $111.32
Total Spent To Date On Other Household Items: $36.75

Total Savings: $252.92 


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