Decluttering Our Home

Two weeks from tomorrow (Saturday), my friend Jessica and I will be having a Yard Sale. This will be the first one for me at our home. I have asked my Nana and Papa to come help me out with it (she has items she would like to sell as well) since she is the "QUEEN OF YARD SALES"! 

She can make any yard sale feel like your shopping at a store. This, of course, helps the amount of money that will be made in the end. Organization, clean items and good prices. 

The longer I am married to Nathan...the more "minimalist" I become. This is definitely a good thing for me because I am very sentimental. But I do get into moods where I want to get rid of practically everything! Ha Ha. This is what is happening now.  

My birthday is coming up this weekend and I will be getting new items for my kitchen and laundry room. I would really like to have everything organized and clutter free before then. Thankfully, this will not be to huge of a task because Nathan and I went through the house a couple months ago and got rid of a bunch of items! (Wish I would have kept them to sell but glad they are out of my house already.)

Most people have a plan when they start to go through their house and become clutter free. I do a little bit at a time and go from room to room. This time around I started with my kitchen and then will go to the middle room (lots of things in here to sell). Our living room and bedroom are pretty much organized but still needs a little work. Finally, I will go through Hailey's room, the bathrooms and straighten up the laundry room. 

Speaking of the laundry room...I had said I was looking to paint it blue but to save money...I will be checking out what paint we have left over from painting our home when we first moved in. I don't know what we have but Nathan said we should have enough of one of the paints to use for the room. We shall see...I would love for this to come true. 

Anyways, if you would like to organize and becoming clutter free start now! Here are a few things to remember: 

- Start small...One room at a time.  
- Get out a few boxes or bins...mark them - "Throw Away", "Give Away/Sell" and "Put Away/Storage" 
- Set 15-20 minutes aside and  you will be surprised how much you can get accomplished.
- Have fun! Also, invite a friend to help you and then you can go help her/him!

(Now you would never know this but I am going to let you in one a secret...I stopped writing this post to go finish organizing my kitchen! haha)  

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