I am still here!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for the last few days. This weekend, my in laws took little Miss Hailey so Nathan and I could spend some quality time together. It was lots of fun but  exhausting. 

I know what you are thinking...how could a weekend child free be exhausting?! Well, Nathan and I went out Friday night for our anniversary dinner (not until this thurs), we walked around the mall and got coffee & dessert. It was nice. 

When we went to bed is where the problems started! We both were not feeling well from dinner and to top it off our neighbors decided to have a party outside until after 5 AM! What grown adult does something like this?! I already couldn't sleep so at 3 am I went to the living room and looked up alternative remedies for gallbladder issues. I tried to go back to sleep around 4 am but our neighbors made that pretty impossible. 

Nathan couldn't fall back asleep after 5 am so he laid in bed until 9:50 - when I woke up. I felt so bad...so we went out to breakfast (this was yummy!). We also took the recyclables and went to Aldi to do a little grocery shopping. 

(I spent about $28 - we got kiwi, oranges, strawberries, zucchini, yogurt, 2 gallons milk, cookies, chips, 1 box of cereal (nathan wanted blueberry mini wheats...these are NOT good!, natural peanut butter and maybe one other thing. I was happy!) 

After grocery shopping, we came home (i did take a picture but i got a new phone so i don't have it right now. lol) took a quick shower and headed back out. I had to make a Tastefully Simple delivery around 2 pm so we just ran all our other errands right after that. 

We went to: TJMaxx, Rock Creek (nathan bought me an AWESOME purse - late Valentine's gift), Dick's Sporting Goods, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Walmart, Verizon (new Iphone!), Target, Earth Fare, Best Buy, then another Best Buy and finally Greenlife (aka Whole Foods). 

WOW! That is a lot of stores! We did not purchase things at each store but we did at 7 of the 12. Birthdays are coming up. Also, I bought beet juice at Greenlife to help with my gallbladder. It tastes like dirt but is helping already. Oh and we stopped at CVS for Blink Tear Drops - I paid tax and received $12 in ecbs! I got a bonus $3 ecbs - it was awesome! 

So we got home and ate leftovers, watched some tv and headed to bed. We thought since we were out most of the day we would sleep like babies....WRONG! We didn't sleep well. I had cramps in my feet and legs from walking around so much - pain lasted until the morning.  I had taken some pain medicine before I went to bed but it did not help so I had to wait to take regular Tylenol until the morning. 

Amazing how regular Tylenol helps with my feet and leg cramps instead of the stronger stuff. Whatever works I guess. 

This morning, we went to church (AMAZING service) and then went to the Farmer's Market. I am doing some research on "Eating Clean" (blog post will come later) so I wanted to talk with some of the local farmers about buying pork and chicken from them - no chicken found yet but I am still looking. We did purchase 1 bunch small carrots ($1) and 1 bunch romaine lettuce ($2) from a small local farmer. 

Came home to wrap a birthday present for the little girl that I babysit everyday. Then went to get our little girl. Birthday party lasted until after 4 pm and then we had small group at 7 pm - at our house so I had to pick up a little bit. 

Needless to say this weekend was not very restful but it was enjoyable. Nathan and I got to spend lots of time together and get things done that we would not have been able to with little Miss Hailey. 

How was your weekend? I would love to hear! 

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  1. Welcome back :) We had a quiet weekend this week. But we will have a little no-kids gateway with my Hubby in about two weeks...I can't wait :)


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