Just thinking...

There is so many things that I would love to get done before little Harper gets here. And then I think - How is it going to get done?! 

Here is my to do list: 

1. Dust all the fans. 

2. Shampoo the living room carpet. 

3. Re-organized the kitchen. (Sell some items maybe.)

4. Find a new table for the kitchen. 

5. Clean Hailey's room. 

6. Clean all the windows and blinds. 

7. Make freezer meals for the month of May. 

I think that should do it for now. How should I get this done? 

Lately, I haven't really had the energy to get any of this done. I do have the two girls to take care of during the day - I try to clean up the house as much as I can. I usually just need a burst of energy to get the dishes done or a load of laundry done. 

I know that I am 36 weeks pregnant and having gallbladder pain but I am a doer. I do not like things to go undone. I feel a little helpless at times. 

Nathan has been awesome helping me get things done around the house and he pretty much takes over taking care of Hailey when he gets home. I do give him a little down time before I ask him to do things since he has been working very hard at his job during the day. I would need a break too if I were him. 

But there are still usually lots of things that need to get done. My nana came last week and she helped out SO much too. Cleaned and cooked anything I was meaning to get done. I wish she could stay here longer but of course she has her life in Pa. 

How have you been in my shoes? What did you do? Who did you ask? Is there a vitamin I could take? lol 

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