Coupon Trip - Bi~Lo and Publix

I needed to get out of the house...these girls are crazy.

What do I normally do when I get out of the house?

Go grocery shopping with coupons! lol

This time I took Hailey with me. Good thing too because she helped me grab cereal from the very top shelf. I lifted her up and she thought it was so awesome...problem came when I put her down - she wanted to hand me everything on the shelves.

I am VERY happy with this shopping trip. I got exactly what I wanted and saved lots of money. :D

Here is a breakdown of what I purchased:


- 10 Post Great Grains BOGO $2.10 each
- 10 Duncan Hines Frosting Flavors $0.99 each

Coupons Used:

- (10) $1 off Post Great Grains Cereal SS 3/17
- (10) FREE Frosting Flavor (up to $1) SS 3/17

Total Spent: $10.90 plus tax

Total Saved: $40.90 or 79%


- 4 Lucky Charms BOGO $1.70 each
- 5 Mott's Medley Juices BOGO $1.44 each
- 4.39 lb bananas $0.69/lb

Coupons Used:

- (5) $1 off Mott's Medley Juice
- (4) $.50/1 off Lucky Charms Printable (coupons.com) these doubled to $1
- (2) $1.50 off bananas PUBLIX STORE COUPON
- (1) $1/3 off Lucky Charms TARGET STORE COUPON

I had rainchecks for this entire order. I have been waiting a 5 weeks for the Lucky Charms to be in stock. Love that Publix will honor the coupons that have expired before I could use my rainchecks!

Total Spent: $3.99 plus tax

Total Saved: $34.13 or 90%

I will be sharing some of the cereal.

Hailey had lots of fun with me. (She told me before we got out of the car when we got home.) She was probably trying to score some brownie points to stay up later. lol

I am so happy with this shopping trip! I saved $75!!! That is AWESOME!!!


  1. You did great! I love Great Grains but it is soooo expensive at regular price without coupons

    1. Thanks! I cannot believe I ever paid full price for a box of cereal!!! What was I thinking?! Oh wait! I wasn't!

  2. Nice savings! we haven't seen any good prices on cereal for a while. Even with coupons, the best price I got lately was $1.50 :(

    1. Thanks! We haven't either so I was super excited to come across these deals!


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