Last Week's Shopping Trips and Menu Plan

Secret Desserts Made For Birthday 4.6.2014

This week was a busy one. School, friends, parties...lots of fun. I went to the store more than I wanted to this past week but that is okay. We needed certain things and I was out so no wasted gas. :) Life happens and that is okay. 

My Shopping Trips:

Publix ~ $6.02 plus tax Saved $10.66 (I had to get a few rainchecks.) 

Big Lots ~ $9.33 (aluminum foil, plastic wrap, pretzels, powerade and pudding) 

Aldi ~ $18.34 (new sale ad started...happy I stayed under my goal of $20!)

{These next two trips were to make dinner for another family. I was cooking for 12 ppl which includes us. They ended up not being able to be at home so I froze some of the food and I have created 4 meals out of what we were going to serve.}

Walmart ~ $12.62 (two whole chickens, cilantro and lime juice) 

Aldi ~ $14.37 (veggies, chips, beans, tortilla wraps and tableware) 

Total Spent: $60.68 after tax 

We have meals in the freezer so I am okay with the spending. :) We do not need to use them right away so they can be saved for a few weeks. 

Chocolate Chip Muffins (from scratch - delicious)

Meals This Week:

breakfasts: cold cereal, pancakes, eggs, bagels and muffins
lunches: sandwiches, carrots/tomatoes, fruit, chips or leftovers 

sunday lunch - we grilled out with friends (chicken, pineapple, salad, couscous and dessert)


monday - chicken and black bean tacos
tuesday - deer burgers, macaroni and cheese and asparagus 
wednesday - leftovers
thursday - pork chops, corn and roasted potatoes
friday - chicken tacos with chips and salad
saturday - bbq chicken pizza and salad
sunday - leftovers 

I made chocolate chip muffins and old fashioned blueberry pancakes from scratch. I will be trying to bake a little more from scratch. I am the opposite from most people...I love baking in the summer and not in the winter. lol 

Are you the same way? Winter or Summer? 

What did you eat this week? Any new recipes? 

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