Our Life Lately...

Wednesday Before Easter with Grandmommy! 

Date Night Wednesday Night (Free Babysitting!)
Nathan had put a gift certificate for dinner in my Christmas stocking so we were finally able to use it! The food was amazing and the company was even better! Thanks to Cara and her kiddos for taking care of our girls. It does help that her kids are best friends with mine! :D

Our bed Friday Night! 

Lynne and I at the cabin. 
Our amazing friends, Lynne and Ned asked us plus Charles and Kristy to join them at the cabin this weekend for a night away! It was so amazing! Relaxing, Laughing, Good Food, Great Memories!

Nathan enjoying some down time! 

Kristy and I down by the river! 

Fire Hydrant Open = Children having an amazing time! 

Hailey had so much fun! 

Harper very unsure! 

Dinner @ Southern Star (my old job - missing it now!)

As you can see...we have been having so much fun this past week! I still have many pictures on our camera that need to be uploaded from Easter. It was such a great time making memories with the girls. I cannot wait to share them with you! 

How was your week?! Anything exciting?! 

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