Shopping Trips and Menu Plan

Publix, Target & Aldi Trip 4.1.14

This week, I went to Publix twice! What?! Why?!

Well...we were out of town this past weekend (I had my coupons printed but did not want to go before we left) so I went Tuesday. Wednesday started a new sale ad so I went again on Thursday.

Thankfully the trips were not out of my way since I took the girls to school both days plus I had to run a few other errands while out. (Saving gas.) 

Here is the breakdown of Tuesday's trip: 


(4) 7 up Ten 2L 

Total Spent: $0.00 

{The final total after coupons was $0.32 - includes tax. I paid with a gift card from a previous purchase so no OOP!}


(1) The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook $3.34 (great deal - you can purchase here.)
(5) Honey Bunches of Oats
(2) Angel Soft Facial Tissues 
(7) Promised Land Milk 
(1) Bailey's Creamer
(1) Applesauce 6 pk
(3) Muir Glen Tomato Paste
(3) Hawaiian Punch

Total Before Coupons: $58.12

Total After Coupons: $13.65 plus tax -- Saved: $44.47 or 77%


(1) Dozen eggs
(1) Asparagus 
(1) Peanut Butter
(1) Gallon Milk
(1) Toilet Paper 18 pk.

Total After Tax: $16.39

{I only had a few minutes to run into Aldi...I had to go back again.}

Publix Trip 4.3.14
I was able to get a lot of items for our family plus for my in-laws and Grandmommy. I have been very happy with the sales at Publix recently. Our stockpile is getting back to where it was last year. It is open to family and friends as well. :)


(3) Suave Lotions
(8) Betty Crocker Potatoes
(6) Post Great Grains Digestive Cereal
(4) Lucky Charms
(4) Resse's Peanut Butter
(8) Barilla Pasta (i got some that is good for soups)
(4) Lunchables
(3) P3 packs

Total Before Coupons: $110.46

Total After Coupons: $20.58 plus tax -- saved $89.88 or 81%

{I had to split the Post Great Grains Cereals into two transactions per the wording on the coupon. Only 4 Like Coupons. I use the self check out so I am not taking up to much time.} 


{No picture}

pork chops
country style ribs
(4) Unsweetened Organic Applesauce - i will try to buy as many as possible since it is a specialty item
white beans (canned)
deli turkey
frozen corn
white rice
ap flour
breakfast bars - girls asked me for them
black beans (canned)
chocolate chips - hailey's request for her oatmeal
chocolate chip cookies
dried cranberries
quick oats

Total After Tax: $50.71

I am hoping to not have to do any major grocery shopping for a few weeks. We have a lot of food on hand. I will try to stock up on deals that I can get. We shall see. 

I have decided that I am going to share our menu plan at the end of the week instead of the beginning. I have a really hard time following the menu I plan out because I change my mind and want something else. I will still write out my meal plan on Sunday night for the week but I will not feel terrible if I do not follow it completely. :) 

Our Meals: 

breakfasts: cold cereal

lunches: pb&j sandwiches, smart ones, turkey sandwiches, chips, fruit and cookies


monday: chicken la venzia (sp?) with rice
tuesday: baked ziti, garlic toast and iceburg salad
wednesday: oven fried chicken with asparagus 
thursday: smart ones 
friday: out to dinner (Urban Stack and Ice Cream Show...the ice cream was free.)
saturday: crockpot santa fe chicken with rice
sunday: dinner at my house with friends...meal unknown...or secret. haha 

What did you have this past week? Any recipes we should try?! 


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