pantry challenge - day 2 and 3

I am loving this pantry challenge. I am being more mindful of what food we have and how I can use it. Plus I have lost a couple pounds already - eating at home is helping! 

Tonight, I made a super easy meal. I put the frozen chicken in the crockpot with a little chicken broth, salt and pepper. It was done in 3.5 hours so I shredded it up and turned it on warm. I added BBQ sauce before serving. 

The wild rice was an Uncle Ben's box - 5 minutes. The green beans were from a can - just added butter, salt and pepper. yummy! 

Dessert was a last minute idea. I was looking in the cupboards for something sweet and found this mix. I also used this time to let my daughter Hailey help me. I usually stress out when she helps me in the kitchen but this recipe had 3 ingredients - the mix, oil and water. Super simple. I even let her help me stir. My mother in law is going to be so proud of me. 

Tastefully Simple Lemonberry Cake 

BBQ Chicken, Wild Rice and Green Beans 
Yesterday, I made scrambled eggs to go with the leftover sausage and biscuits. I was also in the mood to bake cookies. I have been baking recipes out of one of my Amish cookbooks - everything so far has been a hit. Especially these cookies!

Swedish Butter Cookies 

While the cookies baked, I put some water on to boil pasta for the girls' lunch per their request. The school is a nut free zone so I am always trying to get them to eat other foods. Buttered noodles is super easy. I served it with a fruit pouch or squeezies as we call them and a Swedish butter cookie. 

Buttered Noodles for Thursday's lunch

I was planning on having a Frittata tomorrow night but we have had eggs twice this week for dinner plus the girls asked for eggs this morning. So I will be coming up with something different. Maybe good old spaghetti with meat sauce served with garlic bread and hot applesauce. 

Oh that sounds so good. spaghetti it is. :)

Have you joined the challenge? What have you been eating? 


  1. What Amish cookbook are you cooking out of? BTW, I *do* love the robots! Great job, Hailey!

    1. It is called "The Best of Amish Friends Cookbook Collection" by Wanda E. Brunstetter. And Thanks she will be very happy.


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