A day with Jessica Horton and a date with my boy.

Well...today was so amazing. I wish I would have had my camera to show people what crazy stuff happened today. lol
I got to hang out with one of my friends from school, Jessica Horton. She lives five minutes away from Nathan's house, so we knew we had to get together. We first went to Panera for lunch and talked. This sweet old lady cleared our table for us and even came back to wipe it off; it was funny. Again I needed my camera. lol So after that we were going to go to the mall, but it was too crazy. So we headed down to the river. It was awesome. Jessica had a LITTLE trouble parallel parking, but after about 15 minutes so finally got it. We had three people laughing at us. It was a great start of our adventure. We walked across the bridge and went into a few stores. I wrote Jesus across a Buddha board in one store...it was very fun. Then we did the waltz and the Mumbo. It was on the sidewalk. Then we played a snail game, kind of like hop scotch and we also played this drum type thing made out of metal. I played with my shoe and she played with her keys. We then walked more back to the car. We drove a block or two over and walked to a coffee shop. I proceeded to buy orange juice instead of hot chocolate. I was so thirsty. We talked for some more and then drove home. It was a great afternoon.

Nathan came home around 6:00 and he took me on an amazing date. He surprised me the entire night with the stuff we did. He took me to Macaronni Grill and then to the amazing Starbucks. After that we went to a movie- "The Pursuit of Happyness". It was a great movie. Then we came home. Took a few pictures so we could have some. I will put those up later. Now I am down in his room on his computer and I am about to go do my devotions and go to bed.

Good night!

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