back again...

Well...I am back here in Toccoa. I am staying at a friend's apartment. Great news...I found out that I get to work more than I was expecting to, but that is okay because I get more money in my paycheck and most importantly I get to hangout with all of the girls at the farm because they get back on the 29th. YEAH! So leaving Nathan was hard tonight. Our week was so amazing. We kept our focus on the Lord and it was awesome. Today at lunch we had devotions together and it was awesome and also Nathan told me a little bit that was on his mind and stuff he was thinking about. It was great to hear him tell me that things that he did. I love him even more when he shares his heart with me. He is an awesome man of God. I love him. I hope that every girl gets to meet the man of her dreams like I have.

Well I need to get to bed. I am trying to wake up at seven to go workout...we will see how that goes. Have a great night everyone. Later gators.

A word for today...

Be real...do not be a fake follower of Jesus Christ. Let Christ shine through your experiences that you have had in life. Do not just think of yourself. You are not what got you through your experiences. Christ is the ultimate one to be given all the praise and glory. God deserves our praise for our experiences. Don't just share your experience but share Jesus with others. It is amazing. Praise God.

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