The day after Christmas

I am back from work until tomorrow at 3 pm. I worked from the 23rd to today. I had a blast yesterday though. Char and I got to spend the night up at Ms. Rebecca's house; she is the couselor at SHF...it was nice because we didn't have to sleep in the cold cabin. The Lord blesses us. Ms. Beth and Mr. Trace got me a gift basket from Bath and Body Works and Ms. Rebecca got me another bath set for at SHF--I brought it back here though. They are too good to me. They did not want me to not have any presents to open on Christmas morning. It was sweet. Char got something from me and her family and from Ms. Beth and Mr. Trace. Christmas was spent with a different kind of family this year. Four kids from SHF, one girl that had already been in the program, Ms. Rebecca and Mr. Eric. It was great. I mean, I miss my family a lot, but this was where God wanted me. On Christmas Eve, Char and I had a great talk after her parents left. It was awesome. I got to pray with her and share what the Lord had taught me in the past few years.
Life is great. I miss my family, Nathan's family, and of course; Nathan! God has them where He wants them, just as He has me where He wants me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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