Crazy Week

I am so crazy happy that it is Friday night and I have two days off from work. I am so tired, emotionally and physically. This week was so crazy. I am just so glad it is over. I really love where I work, but sometimes people just get to me. I don't like when that happens because I love people. My devotionals lately have been helping me. I try to remember what the Word says and that helps.
I have been having a hard time with getting mad. I don't like to show people when I am mad, I like to bottle it up. But lately I have not been bottling up but letting it out. It is not too pretty. Most of the people at work just tell me I am sassy. lol They think it is funny because most of the time I am so sweet and not complaining or getting mad. I just need to compartmentalize all that is going on. I need to use my feelings/emotions to work out. I really need to do that.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with Nathan. I want to get some new clothes since I have lost weight. I believe this will help me get in a better mood. If you are reading this, please pray for me.

Thank you!

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  1. Hey! WEll, I will be praying for you with the whole anger issue. Sometimes its better not to suppress. But, like you said it is important to do something else with them like working out! Working out always helps me! I am sorry you've had such a hard week! Should I come punch anyone for you? lol. I WILL! I hope you get some time off and I hope shopping helps you! I Love you!


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