In need of motivation!

Why is it so hard for me to post on my blog? It only takes a little bit of my time to do so. I want to say that life has been so busy and I haven't had time but that is not entirely true. I have a good amount of time during the day that I can set aside for all of things I would like to do and this is one of them.

I haven't been deal shopping in a little while. I still look at the deals going on but have not needed to go out and get them. That is one of the joys of stocking up! I most likely will go deal shopping next week. I have a few things I would like to stock up on like pampers, baby wipes, baby food and maybe some formula. We will see.

Also, I have decided that I am going to attempt at making Hailey, my daughter her first dress. Nathan's MomMom purchased a Petal Flower Dress Pattern for me. I am very excited about this new project and I hope it helps me to continue on.

I am still looking for a full time job...well some of the time. There are days I would like to have a full time job and other days where I would rather just stay home. Only God knows. I am putting this into His hands.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Let me know if you have any prayer requests or praises.

I will be back soon. I promise!

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