Longer than I thought...shopping at Publix and Target

Tonight's shopping trip took a lot longer than normal. I thought I could get both store trips done in 2 hours. This was not the case. We were gone for almost 3 hours! Hailey was yelling...not crying...at the top of her lungs in Target, I dropped my ice cream cup and I kept forgetting where I was on my list. Not good. haha But a handsome man came to my rescue! I was so thankful that Nathan had decided to come along with me even though his day at work was long and his brain was fried! (something about IRS tax info) It was amazing!

(Sorry no pictures this time...Hailey's diaper leaked on her clothes, then while I was putting away the groceries she climbed into the lid of her diaper garbage can! that I did get a picture of!)

Publix shopping trip:

- 2 Sabra Hummus
- 1 Broccoli
- 4 Aunt Jamima Breakfasts
- 1 lb shoulder steak
- 1 bag Idaho Potatoes
- mock tender steak (eye of round) 1.5 lbs
- 2 Similac Advanced Formulas
- 5 Publix cokes
- 14 jars Earth's Best baby food
Total Spent: $51.95 (this was a dollar less at first but I realized that one coupon was for something I had not purchased)
Total Saved: $40.20

Target Shopping Trip:

- 1 pair Circo Socks
- 1 Happy Baby Puffs
- 2 pks Orbit Gums
- 1 Ritz Pretzel Rounds
- 1 Market Place Sugar
- 12 Smart Ones
- 2 Dove+Care Men Deodorants
- 1 trial size Degree Deodorants
- 2 Rimmel Mascaras
- 1 Colgate Total Toothpaste
- 1 Reynolds Slow Cooker covers
- 2 Carefree Liners 16 ct
- 3 (2pk) Nature Valley Granola Bars (from the dollar spot)
- 2 Market Place Lunchmeats
- 2 Wishbone Dressings
- 2 Suave Men's Shampoo (large ones---nathan was happy bc he was just about out)
Total Spent: $40.17
Total Saved: $50.75
Plus I got back 2 $5 gift cards

So I basically paid $30.17 or $0.79 per item!!!

I wasn't going to have time to shop at the beginning of the month so I had to go a little early. I will just take this out of our April budget. I was very happy with my purchases.

Leave a link of your savings!

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