Lots of Ideas

My mind is full of a huge to do list! I keep thinking of things I would like to accomplish this weekend, in a few weeks, and this summer...I like to plan ahead. Of course, getting these things accomplished will require help of family and friends. Hopefully they will join me!  

1. Put up fence in yard.

2. Build raised garden beds.

3. Build a small greenhouse (seen on a friends blog: greenhousemanor.blogspot.com

4. Spring clean the entire house. I have made up a "Spring Cleaning" Chart that is sitting on our kitchen table. 

5. Get all my plants transferred when the time comes to the raised beds outside. 

Not a long list but things I cannot do on my own. My focus in the next few months is to get rid of belongings that we do not need, organize our house to be more functional, and to provide healthy options for my family to eat. 

I know all these things can and will be accomplished. I just need to focus on the task at hand. May the Lord give me that focus. 

What are somethings on your to do list? 

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