Unexpected Family Time...

You are probably thinking that unexpected family time sounds like a great thing...which it does but ours was not how we expected to have our family time on Saturday. From the beginning of the day our plans did not go as expected and of course that continued into the night.

After we got home from church I went into the kitchen to make a new chicken dish for dinner. I was going all out...I used white wine, onion, potatoes, rosemary, thyme and salt and pepper. It was going to be great. First, I cleaned the potatoes and chopped them up. Then I chopped the onion and placed both in the baking dish with the white wine. After that I started cutting the skin and extra fat off the chicken quarters. I had 3 completed and in the dish. As I was cleaning the 4th chicken quarter I cut my thumb! It didn't hurt for a few seconds until I had it running under water. Nathan took one look and said we were going to the ER! So he and I (yes, even with my bleeding thumb) cleaned up the kitchen and got our things together to go to the hospital. We ended up being there for 6.5 hours!!!! It was so crazy. I ended up needing 2 stitches and 6 shots. Not a fun time to me. 

I did however cook the chicken dish Sunday night and we ate it Monday night for dinner. I did not like it. Nathan said it was okay but it definitely was not worth all the pain and suffering. haha Needless to say I will not be making that dish EVER again! 

Great time with my family though...Nathan bought us dinner from the cafeteria (chicken tenders and fries), dessert (candy bars) and drinks (bottled cokes). It was actually not to bad and nice...expensive but nice.

Hailey had a pretty good time as well. Except for the fact that I did not have any diapers or wipes in her diaper bag!! Thankfully the ER is right next to the Children's ER so they had some. Praise the Lord because Hailey wet through her outfit. 

Long story short it was an unexpected family time. I know that God uses these moments to teach us lessons on patience, love and thankfulness.  Even though I was the one hurt it was nice to be able to have Nathan there with me. I will pray that that does not happen ever again! haha

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