To the Windy City

On Tuesday, April 7 we set out early in the morning to catch our flight to Chicago, Illinois for five days! Nathan and I attended the CBMC Men's Conference at the Eaglewood Resort and Spa. It has been such an amazing time to see God working in the lives of so many people (especially men) across our country and world. So many amazing business leaders are among us running their businesses according to God's Word. My prayer is for this to continue to flourish and spread throughout our world. 

Even though we have had a lot of fun and have learned so much there were a few bumps in our time here. They are funny now but were not really at the time. (I am smiling while I type this.) First I will tell you that we did not leave the hotel for a day and a half. On Friday, Nathan and I needed to get some fresh air and some coffee; so we decided to head out to Starbucks. We went out to the parking lot to get our rental car and noticed that there was damage on the front and the back of our car! Someone had hit our car and they were probably intoxicated. We filed a police report and a report with the hotel. Then that night there was a loud noise coming from the vent in our room that woke us up at 2:30 am. It sounded like a horn from a cruise ship when they are leaving port except it kept coming and going. I called the front desk to see what it was; they apologized and said that they were very sorry and were trying to fix the problem. If it became too much of a hindrance they would move our room for the night. Well of course it did not stop and kept us up. So we called again and they came and showed us to another room to sleep in. That was 3 am and we had to wake up at 6:30 am! We were very tired. 

The front desk was so sweet and gave us free bowling (yes there is a bowling alley here) for us and our friends to use on Friday night. Then on Saturday they sent up a fruit and cheese tray with a hand written apology for the noise. They have been very accommodating. 

Nothing happened last night which was a blessing because we really needed some sleep. This evening though we dropped off a couple that Nathan works with at the airport. On the way out of the airport we got turned around and headed into the long term parking garage. So we had to get a ticket and go out the exit. It was so funny because we were using a GPS system and it was the reason this happened. Thankfully the attendant did not make us pay for the 30 seconds we were in the garage. She did however laugh at us. 

Overall, we have had a wonderful time. I miss my daughter very much and am behind on some couponing but I have had a great time to become energized for the months ahead. God has taught me so many things and revealed areas in my life to work on. 

Pictures to come later! Off to bed now! 

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