A rainy day...

Oh how I would love to get back under the covers and snuggle up on this rainy day! Instead, I am sitting at the kitchen table drinking some coffee while the little ones sleep; planning my grocery shopping trip for the day. I have been printing coupons for the past few days now getting stocked up for the deals ahead! My printer was out of commission for about a week due to the fact that we ran out of ink. At first, we bought just black but would our printer print? NO. It said we had to have all the colors refilled first! CRAZY! So, Nathan went to Walmart to get some office supplies and of course the colored ink! Glad he went there too...he got a $10 gift card for buying printer ink! Amazing!

Needless to say, I have printed tons of coupons and I am ready to go get some more deals. My plan is to go to Rite Aid, Publix and a quick trip into Aldi. I will bring a small cooler today so I can run into Aldi and get a few things.

Publix today starts their Yellow Advantage Flyer which has some great coupons! I hope I can get 2 or 3 (one for my m.i.l. and two for me to use today). I am going in for yogurt, Olay face cleanser, strawberries, boca burgers and bagel chips!

Rite Aid will be trying to get the products that were on sale last week that I got rain checks for. We will see if they have them yet.

And lastly, Aldi! I am going to look at some produce, eggs, bacon, tortilla wraps and maybe some coffee creamer.

I will share what I buy when I get back! Have a wonderful day! Share your great deals!

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