Pictures and Savings at Rite Aid, Publix and Aldi

I went to two Rite Aids today...not by choice! (haha) The first store I went to did not have Destin cream or Butterfinger Snackerz but they did have the Bodi heating pads. I purchased two of those for $1.19 (the boxes had .50 coupons on them!!!) The next store had everything else you see up there. I paid $1.11 and got back $1.00 up+rewards!

Total OOP: $2.30 (tax was .86)
Total before sales and coupons: $29.13
Saved: 93%!!!!!

Next was Publix! This trip was so scattered. I kept walking back and forth because I forgot my shopping list! Craziness! Anways, I thought I did okay with this trip. Not my best but oh well. I just HAD to have coffee creamer and I only had (2) .75 coupons for the New York Style Bagels instead of the $1.00 off coupons.

Total OOP: $19.03
Total Saved: $39.51
Saved: 67%

My final stop was Aldi and I had to make a mad dash because I was running late to get home to go to church but we made it! I only needed a few things and scattered me I forgot a few of them! I purchased orange juice, eggs, bacon, 2 boxes of nutty bars, and chips. I was also going to get tortilla wraps but thankfully I didn't because they are on sale next week! Also, fish and some more mexican products. So excited! I paid $10.71. Not too bad.

That is all for tonight! I can't wait for the deals tomorrow! I will share what I get! Good night!

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