Quick Trip to Rite Aid and Walgreens

Tonight I ran out to do a little deal shopping. Nothing extravagant but worth while to me. First stop was Rite Aid (I thought they closed at 8 but they close at 9...good to know!) I went to get Colgate Toothpaste and possibly some candy but instead I got 1 roll of paper towels and Ginger Ale for Nathan.

Colgate: $2.99 - $2 up+rewards = $0.99
minus $1.00 mfc coupon = FREE
Paper Towels: $0.99
Ginger Ale: $1.49

Used $3 up+rewards from previous purchase
Total OOP= $1.79
Got back: $2 + up rewards ---- $0.21 profit!!!

Off to Walgreens I went.

2 Coffee Creamers - BOGO $2.49
1 PediaCare Infant Drops - $6.99
1 PediaCare Children's Tylenol - $6.99
1 Always Liners - $2.99 - $2.00 register rewards

(2) 0.75 creamer coupons
(1) 0.50 always coupon
(1) Walgreens $5 off PediaCare Applied 2 times ( minus $10!!)
(1) $3 off PediaCare

Total OOP: $4.20
Got back: $2.00
Total Saved: $20.49

Not too bad. I did not plan on getting always liners or paper towels but got a good deal on them. Also, the Ginger Ale was for my hubby.

Please share your deals!!!!

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