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I was over at The Prudent Homemaker and she talks about food storage for a year. I have never really thought about doing this but since I am at home full time now I want to make sure my family is taken care of. I want to have healthy meals and never run out of ideas. A variety of meals would be great. I feel sometimes I cook the same things a lot....especially chicken and pasta dishes

The Prudent Homemaker had a link to a Food Storage Calculator. You type in how many people are ages 7 and up and how many are 0-6 years old.

Here is what I got for 2 adults and 1 under 6:

Food Storage your family will need:

Total Grains: 748 lbs
Total Fats/Oils: 33 lbs
Total Legumes: 144 lbs
Total Sugars: 149 lbs
Total Dairy: 212 lbs
Total Water/Bleach: 45 gal
Total Cooking Essentials: 20.5 lbs/1.5 gal

Isn't it amazing to see what we will most likely use in one year. This of course is if we make homemade breads, soups, drinks, ect. I would love to try this out sometime. I do not have enough storage room for all of these things but I do plan on making most of breads, cookies, desserts, soups, beans, ect. Anything I can make...I am going to try!

Follow this link to find out what your year storage should look like:

Food Storage Calculator

Let me know what you find out! I would love to see what people need for larger families. An idea is to split these costs with other friends or family members. Make homemade goodies or meals and share between you all. Cook or bake together...saves time and money!

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