Super Sunday Shopping Trip and Fun Times With Family!!

  I love Sundays! We got to sleep in about 30 minutes longer than normal. This is a lot to me because Hailey has been waking up really early in the morning lately. It has its upsides though. I get a good amount of my to do list finished before 9 am.

Anyways, today was a nice relaxing day. I got up with Hailey, made her breakfast (banana and Cheerios), watered my garden, made a Mixed Berry Bumble for dessert and made myself breakfast. Then I almost fell asleep sitting at the table...I forgot to heat up some coffee.

Around 12:15 pm, we made our way over to Nathan's parents house for lunch. Yummy burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, deviled eggs, corn on the cob and mixed berry bumble for dessert with berry granola frozen yogurt! YUMMY!!!

Nathan went with Sarah and Bo to play ultimate frisbee. While he did that I planned out my Walgreens trip since we were making a trip to Publix (they are right next to each other and it is my favorite Walgreens).

This big order was done in 4 transactions. I will break them down for you. I wanted to my out of pocket expense to be as low as possible. I think I did a pretty good job of this too. I had $6.50 to start with.

Transaction 1:
1 Icy Hot Natural
1 Ecotrin
4 Women's Degree
2 Royal Gelatins

Subtotal: .09!!!
Taxes: $1.62
OOP: $1.71 and got back $5, $1 RR!!!!

Transaction 2:
1 Icy Hot Natural
1 90 ct. Calcium

Subtotal: .00
Taxes: $1.02
OOP: $1.02 and got $10, $1 RR!!!!

Transaction 3:
4 Degree (1 womens, 3 mens)
1 Ecotrin
2 Single pack popcorn (filler items)
2 (6 pk) Scott Natural Paper Towels

Subtotal: .48
Taxes: $2.26
OOP: $2.74 and got $5 RR!!!!

Transaction 4:
4 (6 pk) Scott Natural Paper Towels
2 Royal Gelatins (filler items)
1 Icy Hot Natural

Subtotal: $6.37
Taxes: $1.60
OOP: $7.97

Total OOP: $13.44 ($6.50 was in taxes!!!) or $0.50 per item!!!!
Total Saved: $94.68 or 86%!!!!

Next we headed over to Publix, Nathan was tired but I needed him to come in with me because he had to choose the ice cream! haha And I wanted to see if he wanted to buy any sausage or brats to grill on his new charcoal grill! I let him get his birthday present early!

A little story before I share what they final price was for my purchase. I put all the items on the belt to be checked out and the cashier (who I have checked out with plenty of times) told me to give her my coupons before she would check me out. I have had this done before at Target but the lady was a whole lot nicer than this one. I have never had a cashier at Publix snap at me like I was doing something wrong.

As you see from the picture above, I did not buy that many items for the coupons to be a problem. I have never used coupons wrongly or done anything to be treated this way. I just smiled as much as I could and was polite. She rang my items and then started with the coupons. She stopped at the ice cream coupons and asked the guy bagging the groceries if I had bought the ice cream. I was thinking...didn't you look at all my items and my coupons? haha The guy said I bought them...of course I knew this too.

When I was about to swipe my card I noticed that she has scanned one of my coupons twice. I told her about this and she didn't believe me. The guy bagging the groceries explained it to her. I wanted to show her that I am an honest person and an honest couponer.

 I know most people have said the "crack" down on couponers is because of the show Extreme Couponers but I have been a faithful customer there. I have gotten to know some of the cashiers because I shop there at least once a week...sometimes more if I come across deals I had missed. 

I only write this because all people who use coupons are being looked down upon. When we started to walk out of the store, Nathan asked what that was about. Why did the cashier treat me that way? I told him it was because some people have abused the system but I believe these people are few and far between. I will not check out with this particular cashier again because I have know others that respect me as a person. They do not look at me like "just another couponer". 

Anyways, sorry to vent like that but I needed to. And this is my blog. haha I hope that you do not have to have anyone talk down to you when you are just trying to save money for your family. If everyone knew how to coupon it would be a different story. 

Here is what I purchased:

4 Boxes Italian Ice
1 Hillshire Farm Beef Smoked Links (marked down)
1 Pack of Leg Quarters
2 Breyer's Blast Ice Creams
2 Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Brownie Mixes
3 Boxes Fiber Plus Cereal

Total OOP: $20.76 (includes $2.14 tax)
Total Saved: $35.53

I would love to hear some of your deals! Leave me a comment!

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