Weekly Savings 5 18

What a great week it has been! My grandparents came to visit and help Nathan and I get things done around our house. They arrived last Wednesday night and are leaving tomorrow morning. Little Miss Hailey has loved having her GREAT Nana and Papa around. She has been spoiled.

The things we got accomplished were:

- Garden boxes set up and filled with dirt (first Nana and I dug up the dirt for the garden boxes to sit on...not fun! haha)

- I painted the outside cellar door (for my hubby) and the railing on our back steps. (I will be painting the back steps as well but could not choose a color.)

- Mowed, weed wacked, planted grass seed

- Cleaned front porch and door.

- Bathrooms scrubed and new curtain liners hung.

- Laundry room re-organized and moved around. Also, Papa hung a picture I got for Christmas!

- All laundry is done, floors swept, dished done!

Whew! What a week and I still need to clean the fans and dust the living room. Not too much for me.

Today was nice because I dropped Papa off at the truck stop to do some work on his truck before they leave tomorrow. If you can't tell...he is a truck driver. It was a shot in the dark that he would get a load to Chattanooga but thankfully he got one! I love his coordinator!

Anyways, Nana stayed home with Hailey and they cleaned up the house a little bit. I went and did my grocery deal shopping! It was nice to be alone. I headed to Walgreens, Target and Publix.

Transaction #1:

9 Scotch Tapes
1 Royal Gelatin
1 Dove Men+Care Deodorant


(9) $1 off Sctoch Tape
(1) $1 off Dove Deodorant
(1) Buy 1 @ 1.99 Get 2 Free Scotch tape in ad
(1) 5/$1 Royal Gelatin in ad

Total OOP: $0.19 plus $0.94 tax!!!
Recieved: $3 Registry Reward for Dove

Transaction #2:

1 Dove Men+Care Deodorant
1 Royal Gelatin


(1) $1 off Dove Deodorant
(1) 5/$1 Royal Gelatin in ad
Previous $3 Registry Reward from last week

Total OOP: $0.16 plus $0.39 taxes!!!
Received: $3 Registry Reward

Grand Total OOP: $1.68 and got back $6 in Registry Rewards!!! AMAZING!

Transaction #1:

3 JF Root Awakening Shampoo
1 JF Root Awakening Conditioner
1 Zantac (24 ct)
1 Dentyne Gum


(4) $3 off JF Root Awakening Product
(2) $3 off 2 JF Root Awakening Products Target Coupon
(1) $5 off Zantac (Received in the mail with free sample)
(1) $2 off Zantac Target Coupon
(1) $1 off Dentyne Target Coupon

Total OOP: $8.36 ($2.15 was tax)
Total Saved: $26.38 and received $3 off coupon for JF Root Awakening Product!!

Last stop Publix!!!! A man gave me the Mystery Penny Item coupon when you spend $10 so I added milk and chicken to my order!

Transaction #1:

4 Ronzoni Pastas
4 Wishbone Dressings
2 Pedigree Dentastix (each 10 ct)
1 Silk Almond Milk
2 Perdue chicken breasts (each about 1 lb)
1 gallon Publix milk
1 Publix paper towel
1 Publix jar sauce (penny item)


(2) $1 off 2 Ronzoni Pasta
(4) $1 off Wishbone Publix coupon
(2) $1.25 off 2  Wishbone Dressings
(2) $1 off Pedigree Dog Treats
(2) $1 off Pedigree Dog Treats Publix coupon
(1) $1.25 off Silk Milk
(1) Mystery Penny Item coupon

Total OOP: $14.10 ($2.06 was tax)
Total Saved: $27.57

My total saved figures are from the receipts I received. I do not calculated what the original price was before sales and coupons. I am happy with the numbers I see...I am sure I would be happier if I knew the "real" total saved!

I hope this may help you to plan out your shopping trip.

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