Revising our Household Budget

Just finished revising our Household Budget for like the third time this year! Why you wonder? As of last week, I no longer work at the Southern Star. This has taken away about $200 a month but has given us way more peace and happiness! Praise the Lord!

I also have decided to try to lower our food/toiletries, entertainment/recreation, clothing and miscellaneous budgeted amounts.

Food/toiletries: $250 ------------> $150
Ent./Rec.: $100 -------------------> $50
Clothing: $60 ----------------------> $40 (I can't lower it too much bc Hailey needs summer clothes!)
Misc.: $100 --------------------------> $50 (This includes books, newspapers, magazine subscriptions, and other gifts.)

By doing this I am saving: $220 which is basically what I was making waiting tables. I am excited to see how this will turn out. 

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