Whole Foods (Greenlife), Wags, Target, Publix & Aldi Shopping Trip 5/11/11

Walgreens was up first. I split my order into two transactions. Total OOP: $13.18 (Should have been $12.18 but $1 was not taken off for the Cottonelle-Wags coupon) RR Earned: $12

Total spent: $1.18!!!!

Target was next! I was going in for the mustard, gravy and some razors (did not find any) but found some good deals on the cake mix and stayfree pads.

Total Spent: $6.53

Oops! Greenlife/Whole Foods was actually our first stop of the day. Hailey and I stopped there after we dropped Nathan off at work. We had to head home for Hailey's breakfast and nap!

Total Spent: $4.42 

This was split up into two transactions because when I went to buy the Back to Nature items at Publix they would not accept my Whole Foods coupons anymore. This was a bummer at first but they were on sale at Greenlife this week too. I was going to buy granola at Publix but got cookies at Greenlife! haha

Publix was next. Missing from this picture is a 17.5 lb bag of Iams Dog Food and 1 12 pk Publix Dt. Cola. And two bananas! haha I ate them. I was going to buy 2 Back to Nature Granolas and 2 Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream but they stopped taking Whole Foods as a competitor. Sad day!

Total Spent: $27.62 (Most of this was the dog food...I found a pack of coupons for pets!)
Total Saved: $21.54

Aldi was my favorite trip because I got a lot of yummy produce! Cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers were on sale! Whooo! I even picked up some for my mother in law. Missing from the picture is a case of bottled water! It has been super hot here lately.

Total Spent: $22.64


Total spent for the day: $62.39 

I am trying to figure out what we have spent for the month so far but I seem to have miss placed a receipt or two. I need to get another envelope for cash receipts that I spend. That is something I will work on! 

What are your deals this week? 

P.S. I did go to Sam's Club last night and purchased some cookies and Carnation Instant Breakfast.  My nana is on a special diet so she needs to have the breakfast mixes...they cookies are for Nathan for his lunches. 

Also, I got a blue cardigan for $4.81!!!! I was so excited. I may go back to get a gray one! They are so pretty.

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