Organzing my Coupon Binder

While the girls have been taking their naps today, I have been trying to organize my Coupon Binder. I still have my coupons in my small coupon organizer case but need to move on.
I get very stressed out when I see a deal at a store but want to check for a coupon. I have to get the stack out and then look through them. As you can imagine I have dropped the coupons many times. 

So I am upgrading! I already had a cute green binder from college that I could use. It does not zip up or anything but it will do for now. I thought about maybe adding a hook on the binder to hold it shut. (will have to learn to do that) 

I purchased 2 packs of tab dividers (need 2 more packs), 1 pack photo dividers, 1 pack baseball card holders. I believe I will need more photo and baseball dividers but I am going to work with what I have first. The biggest things is getting more tab dividers. I was going to print off a Organizing packet from thekrazycouponlady.com but that maybe a little too much for me right now. But as I type that out I may have changed my mind. It is super pretty and I know it would look great in my binder. We will see. 

I will put up a picture of the end result when I finish organizing my binder.

Do you have any suggestions? Or a picture of your coupon binder?   

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