Aldi Trip Yesterday and Fun Times with the Neighborhood

I do not have any pictures of my Aldi trip or of the Highland Park Neighborhood Meeting to show you. All I can tell you is that I was able to purchase everything we will be needing for Nathan's birthday cookout and our groceries.  I can also tell you how much fun I had last night! 

I was in a huge rush to get a pasta dish made for the meeting that I did not have time to take the picture. Here is what I purchased though:

- case of water = 2.49
- iceburg lettuce = .99
- bananas = .98
- blueberries = 1.49
- mayo = 1.49
- 5 lbs hamburger meat = 12.35
- applesauce cups = 1.29
- vanilla yogurt 32 oz - 1.79
- 4 cans baked beans = 1.96
- 2 hamburger buns = 1.58
- 2 hot dog buns = 1.58
- 3 gal. whole milk (loved the $2.89 price!!!) = 8.67
- 1 bag vadalia onions = .69 (featured item)
- 1 (4) pk vine tomatoes = .99 (featured item)
- 1 (3) pk green peppers = .99 (featured item)

Total OOP: $42.38
Total for Nathan's Party: $26.63   Total for Our Groceries: $15.75

I made a side budget for Nathan's cookout. I believe I did pretty well. I will show you a picture of what I got him tomorrow. I am super excited! 

After the neighborhood meeting, I took some food over to some friends. We had a ton of food and only 15-20 people showed up. So I had tons of leftovers to give away. For my Pasta Dish...it cost me about $2.50 to make. It probably serves 10 or more people! It was super easy and delicious! 

I used: 2 boxes ronzoni elbow macaroni, 1.5 cups wishbone italian dressing, 1/2 pint grape tomatoes (cut in half), 1 green pepper chopped, 1/2 vidalia onion chopped and shredded mozz. cheese! Easy and delicious.

You could add spinach, carrots, mushrooms, pepperoni or ham. Anything you could think of! 

Anywho...after I dropped off the food I was going to go home for a little while but got sidetracked!
Joe Graham (our county commissoner) stopped by to say hi and chat. He is such a great man and he has a wonderful family. Of course, we talked politics. I only said a few things...I played with the kids more. haha Cara and Montegue did more talking than I did but they are really into politics. 

It was nice though to hear what was going on in our city and county. I like Joe alot because he is very honest with you. He tells you exactly what is going on. He is a wonderful Christian man and a great leader. Also, I have waited on him and his family when I worked at the Southern Star. 

Fun Times! 


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