What a fun day! Plus great savings!

I am beginning to love Thursdays! Hailey and I woke up early to take Nathan to work so that we could attend Kindermusik! I had a little time before the class so we stopped by Walmart to pick up a few free/cheap items. After our fun time in class, we went to Target for a few items and to see if I could find some awesome deals on bedding and bathroom furnishings. We saw Kristy (Hailey's wonderful teacher and my great friend) while we were there. She got some great deals as well!

Sarah met up with us at Target before we headed to grab some lunch and then head to Grandmommy's house to go swimming! This was her first time. It was a ton of fun! I was able to take a few pictures on my phone but it was very bright outside. I got sunburnt too...second time in my life! Take a look at the fun we had and the deals we got!

Hailey getting ready to go swimming! I was so excited to take her!

Hailey and her Aunt Sarah swimming in the pool. This was the best picture I got because of how bright it was outside!

This was both my Walmart and Target Deals! I paid $4.49 OOP between both orders. Here is a breakdown. 


- 5 Nexcare Bandaids - (5) $1 off = FREE
- 12 bars Ivory Soap - (4) $1 off = FREE + .09 overage
- 3 pks. UP2U Gum - (2) $1 off = .28 each
- 2 Sensydone TS - (2) $1 off = FREE + .06 overage

Total before coupons: $16.02
Total after coupons: $2.02!!!


- 2 TS Shout Wipes - (2) $1 off = Free (no overage adjusted down to .97 off)
- 5 pks Kool Aid - (1) .50 off 5 = .05 for all of them!
- 2 Nivea Women's Bodywashes - (2) $2 off and (1) $1 target coupon = .08 for both!!
- 3 Carefree Liners - (3) .50 off = .49 each

Total after coupons: $2.47
Total Saved: $8.94

I was sad about Target because I found a toy whale that goes over the faucet in the bath tub. I had the $10 off bathroom furnishing coupons that I thought would work for it. I wanted to purchase this for Hailey's birthday. She would have loved it. They did not consider it a furnishing. Sad day! It would have been FREE! Oh well. Kristy also gave me another $3 off shirt at Target. Can't wait to use it!

Life did not stop there. After we went swimming I had to rush over to Aldi and get a few supplies for the house and the food for Nathan's birthday cookout! I got everything for $43. 38. What was for the party came out of a seperate part of our budget. I have still not gone over our budget this month.

I will write more tomorrow. And I will share a wonderful giveaway that I WON! So excited. Until tomorrow!

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