Casting Crowns Perform at Riverbend!!!

I just had to post about the amazing night I got to have with my hubby. Tonight was Family Night at Riverbend here in Chattanooga, Tn. This is a week long event where many different artists come and perform. Tuesday night is Family Night sponsored by J103...our Christian Radio Station. And it was awesome!

First though we got to see another amazing band, They Came Running. The lead singer, Zech is a friend of ours...Nathan works with his wife Liz...who is SO much fun to hang out with! Zech has an amazing voice and really gets the crowd into the music. I loved his bands music! It was so real and many people can relate to it!

I will try to post a link to their website and/or music! It is a must have cd!

Then, Sarah and Bo came with pizza and pretzel shaped bread sticks from Mellow Mushroom! YUM! We sat outside the event area and enjoyed the yummy food.

We headed on inside to say hi to Bo's family and then headed over to the VIP section (we felt important because we got free drinks...lol). We were given these tickets from a close friend of Nathan's parents. We got the chance to sit near the stage...they were about 7 feet above us on the stage but it was a pretty great view.

Sorry no pictures...it was dark outside. lol

Casting Crowns had an amazing performance! I have seen them once before and I just LOVE their music. They are definitely songs from the heart and are written about things that all of us go through in our lives. It is amazing the talent God has gifted the band with. You must listen to their music! 

All for now. Must go to sleep. I am very tired...lots of excitement!

Thanks again to Mrs. Joy and Mr. John for taking care of Hailey tonight so Nathan and I could enjoy a night out. Also, thank you for providing the tickets for us to attended Family Night and see one of my favorite Christian bands!

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