Getting Ready for Nathan's Birthday Cookout

The past few days I have been making my shopping list for items we will need for Nathan's birthday cookout on Saturday. (as well as items in general for the house...milk, produce, lunch meat, ect.) I have a good amount of the smaller items in our pantry/freezer already...which helps out but I still need the bigger things.

I need: (for 9-10 people)

- hamburger meat plus a few veggie burgers
- hamburger buns and hot dog buns
- jalapenos (nathan's request)
- mayo
- tomatoes
- lettuce

for the house:

- 3 gal. whole milk (a few gallons for Hailey...she can drink 1 gal. in 2.5 days!!!!)

- fruit (strawberries, blueberries, apples (i have lots of pb), and bananas)

- lunch meat (i have tons of cheese for sandwiches)

(Sorry just took a break for a few minutes to reorganize our freezer...i am starting to forget what is in there...i found 1 lb venison that we can use on saturday...this lowers how much hamburger meat we will need.)

- plain yogurt (I have tons of frozen fruit to make smoothies.)

I hope that will be all I have to purchase. I am stocked up on a lot of things we use daily and we are going out of town Saturday, June 25. I am very thankful that when we get back I will probably on have to purchase some milk and fruit for Hailey. We should have enough to last us a week after we come home. I will have to make a meal plan to make sure. :-D 

What is on your list? Know any good deals on the things I need to purchase? Aldi is looking amazing right now! 


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