Ran out...quick Walgreens trip

I realized early this evening that I was out of dishwasher detergent. I bought a small container to get us through until I could (hopefully) find a good sale. I asked Nathan if we could head over to the Dollar Tree to get some but he informed me that he did not think our car would make it there.

Side story: Our car has been overheating and we found a leak. This of course has to be taken to the shop because we do not have the equipment to raise the car up enough. Oh to be near my Papa and Uncle Bumper in Pa...they could have fixed this yesterday for us. Oh well. I like the car shop Nathan goes to...he gets a reasonable price. Pray it does not cost a lot. If so it will mess up my budget. haha

Anyways, I said okay and asked if we could make it to Walgreens. He said yes. So after dinner and our walk to deliver the Neighborhood Newsletters, we headed out. I prayed that they had the John Frieda Foam Hair Color on clearance but of course no. I have 10 - $3 off coupons to use...hopefully I can use them before they expire. I also checked to see if they had Chex Mix on clearance. I had a great coupon to use if they were. Oh course...no.

I headed to the aisle to check out the dishwasher detergent. I have $14 in RR from yesterday and last week to use but only a few coupons. I found the Finish was generating a $1.50 RR so since I had no coupon with me I got that. I asked if I could use my 3 RR that I had (total $4) and was told yes. I didn't really think this would work since I was only buying one item but I thought I would ask.

It did not work. It only took $2 off but that was better than nothing. I ended up paying $3.45 OOP and receiving a $1.50 RR. Definetly not my greatest but hey you got to do what you got to do.

If anyone knows of a great deal going on now or in the future on dishwasher detergent...LET ME KNOW! I am getting tired of never being able to have a stockpile of this.

In the end, I have $13.50 in RR left to spend. Hopefully I can get a huge haul next Sunday!

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