Walgreens & Publix 6/12

Fun times this Sunday! Nathan and I served in the children's ministry this morning working with the 3 year olds. I do not think we are cut out to have this age at 9:00 in the morning. There is HUGE separation anxiety going on at the age. And 6 1/2 hours of (not good) sleep does not help either. It was challenging but when it was all said and done...the kids took a liking to use after 30 minutes. It was sweet. 

After that we attended the 11:00 service. It was great. I love when we have Pastor Dan come and speak. We studied Caleb in Joshua 14...specifically his character and the promises he realized in his life. He was 85 years old when he was able to reach the Promised Land. And only 1 of 2 of his generation that were allowed to enter the Promised Land because of their great faith in the Lord. That He would fulfill His promises! (Side note: did you know that God gives us over 3,500 promises in the Bible!) Amazing! 

A little around 2:00 pm, my wonderful, beautiful, amazing friend Jessica came over to hangout. I have missed her SO MUCH! We have kept missing each other each Sunday the past few months so it was great for this visit! It was very hard to give her an update on my life because she reads my blog all the time. (She is probably going to be reading this blog tonight! haha) But it was fun. I did have a few things to tell her that I have not posted on here. 

Hailey really liked that Jessica came over too. She had fun playing and showing her things she could do. It was too sweet. 

After Jessica had left with her hubby to head to church and VBS play practice...Hailey and I got ready to go to Walgreens and Publix since Nathan was hanging with a friend. 

I tried to get everything after church (Walgreens across the street from church) but I wasn't finding what I was looking for and there were too many people to wait in line for the little things I could. So Hailey and I got out of the house for a little bit and snagged some deals! 

I was really excited that Walgreens was having a sale on hair color because I am in desperate need! Check out my deals. 

I split this up into 2 transactions. I kept questioning myself about how I split it up but it wasn't too bad how I did. 

Transaction #1: 

- 6 Crunch Bars - (2) B2G1 Free coupon and (4) .35 off one = $0.16
- 1 Garnier Hair color - 3.00 off and 3.00 off store coupon = $1.99
- 1 Bayer Advanced - $1.75 off = $1.25 (came to learn there was a $2 off q in the paper i got)
- 1 Men's Blistex = $2.00

Used $3 RR from last week...

Total OOP: $3.50
Total Saved: $20.39
Received $2 , $1 RR back 

Transaction #2: 

- 6 Crunch Bars - (2) B2G1 free and (3) .50 off 2 = $0.06 (an extra coupon scanned for the .50/2)
- 1 Bayer Advanced - $1.50 = $1.50
- 1 Colgate 360 Toothbrush - $1.00 off = $1.99
- 2 Sunday Papers 

Used $2 RR from 1st transaction

Total OOP: $4.28
Total Saved: $15.55
Received $2 and $1 RR

Left with $4 RR back and $10 RR from last week = $14 

So with the $4 RR...it was like getting everything for $3.78. 

I also can submit for a $1.00 MIR for the Bayer but I may not because a stamp cost .44! 

Next we headed across the street to Publix. 

I was excited about this transaction because I had some great store coupons! 

- 1 (12 pk) Publix Dt. Cola $2.99
- Watermelon $0.21
- Strawberries $0.50
- 2 Sargento Shredded Cheeses $2.00
- 2 John Frieda (used rain check from last week) FREE with .03 overage! 

- I used (2) $2 off produce, (2) $1 off cheese, (2) $2 off John Frieda, and (1) $3/2 off John Frieda Target coupon.

Total OOP: $7.22
Total Saved: $17.17!!!

The cashier and bagger were so amazed at my savings! I love this post because I got fruits and cheese with coupons! It makes me happy! And it makes Hailey and Nathan happy. hehe

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