Great Deals At Bi-Lo

Participating Bi-Lo Stores are doubling coupons with a face value of up to .99 this week ONLY! I checked today to see if our area was one of these participating stores and guess what?! They are! I am so excited! I only have a few things on my list to get so it should not be a low OOP expense.

My Shopping List:

4 packs of Springer Mountain Farms Chicken - BOGO @ 2.89/lb
 - use (4) $1.50 coupons = cheap boneless, skinless chicken! (Plus we are completely out!)
6 packs (smallest size) Bounty Napkins - Price Lock $1.00
 - use (6) $1 off any Bounty Napkins = FREE!!!!
2 (or 4) Smart Balance Milk - Sale @ 1.99
 - use (2-4) $0.75 off coupon (each doubles to $1.50) = $0.49 each (x 4 if I can print 2 more coupons out)
1 Hormel Deli Meat - Sale @ 1.25
 - use $1 off coupon = $0.25 (wish I had more coupons)
2 (12 packs) Cheerwine @ 2.99
 - use (2) $0.75 off coupon (each doubles to $1.50) = $1.49 each

This is an example of how I shop for groceries and save more money. I only buy what I can find on sale (unless we are in need) and go to the store that has the lowest OOP cost after coupons! I do multiple trips during the week (most are not out of the way) to different stores for a small list of things.

I shop at Aldi, Publix, Bi-Lo and Walgreens. Sometimes I will see what deals I can get at Target or Walmart but not every week. The first four are my main stores to shop at. They have the best prices (Pubilx and Bi-Lo with coupons on groceries...Walgreens with coupons on toiletries) that I can find around here. I will say that I purchase the bulk of our groceries at Aldi because of their everyday low prices but I am starting to find more coupons on produce and meats that I can use at Publix and/or Bi-Lo.

An example of that would be, I was given a $2.00 off produce coupon at Publix (I printed this off from sharing the Shopping Spree book with friends). I can use this coupon on anything they have. I also have $1.75 off 2 Dole Pineapple and BOGO Klondike Potatoes coupons I can use with the $2.00 off produce (since this is a store coupon). This will make for some very cheap fruits or potatoes.

I can also use the catalinas that I receive (or in most cases I am given from family) from Bi-lo at Publix. I love that they accept competitor coupons because this makes the deals even sweeter! (This helped me to get $4 off of my order at Publix on Wednesday!) 

What stores do you shop at? What deals have you seen at Bi-Lo this week that you would like to get? Let me know!

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