Late Night Trip To...Bi-Lo

I wanted to get out of the house this evening so I decided I would head out to Bi-Lo to take advantage of the doubling of coupons with a face value up to .99! We were in need of chicken so I checked to see what else was on sale.

I walked out with 2 Rain Checks for Smart Balance Milk and Cheerwine. I purchased the following:

4 cans Pork & Beans (Nathan cooked some on the grill...in the can the other night and it was AMAZING! So of course I had to buy more!)
4 Pictsweet Veggies
4 Freshetta Single Pizza
4 pks Springer Mnt. Chicken

Total Spent: $23.82 (tax included)
Total Saved: $20.56

$15 of this was for the chicken. I also got "Try Me Free" Mail in Rebates for the 4 Freshetta Pizzas! Awesome Find!

The store I went to did not have the small packages of Bounty which I really wanted for the birthday parties this summer. I will have to see if another store is carrying them!

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