Last Bi-Lo Trip SUCESSFUL!!!

So as you have read...I went out to Bi-Lo last night to get a few things that I just couldn't pass up. Who would pass up milk for $0.49?! haha Anyways, I was given a great idea by the ladies at Time 2 Save to call the store before I headed out. Great Idea! 

We also needed gas (the E light turned on last night) and what do you know it was across the street from the particular Bi-Lo I wanted to go to. :-D 

I called ahead first to see if they had any Smart Balance Milk and/or Cheerwine (12 pk). I was told that they had 6 milks available and 1-  12 pk of Cheerwine. I said I would like to have 4 milks and the one pack of pop. They said they would hold them for me. Super excited. The guy was SO helpful! 

As you can see I added a few items to my list. I am very thankful I took my coupon binder with me. Here is a break down of my purchases:

Transaction #1:

2 Silk Pure Coconut Milk - on sale $2.99 - .55 (coupon doubled x 2) = $3.78
4 Smart Balance Milk - BOGO $7.96 - .75 (coupon doubled x 4) =  $1.96
4 Bounty Napkins (50 ct.) - Price Lock $1.00 - $1 off coupon x 4 = FREE
2 Diet Coke (20 oz) - $1.49 - $1.00 x 2 = $0.98

Sub-Total: $6.72 
Tax Paid: $1.36
Total OOP: $8.08

Total Saved: $24.36!!!! or 75% Savings!

Transaction #2:

3 Bounty Napkins (50 ct.) - PL $1.00 - $1 off coupon x 3 = FREE
1 Cheerwine (12 pk) - on sale $2.99 - .75 (coupon doubled) = $1.49

Sub-Total: $1.49
Tax Paid: $0.45
Total OOP: $1.94

Total Saved: $7.37!!! or 79% Savings!  


In all I spent $10.02 for all the above things. The great thing I love about what I purchased was the milk does not expire until August! So if we do not drink it all before we go out of town the last week of this month...it will still be good! I also loved that I was able to get the napkins for free because Nathan and Hailey's birthdays are coming up soon and I know we will need them. This will help me be able to spend that money I would have used on other things we will need.

If you are wondering why I split my order into two different transactions it is because on the P&G coupons it states that you can use no more than 4 like coupons in a transaction. Since I was planning on using 7 Bounty Napkin coupons I had to split it up.

I told the cashier before we started so she would know and she was okay with that. If not I would have just got out of line (even though at the time no one was behind me...love the 15 items or less line) and waiting until it was my turn again. She was sweet!

I will say I felt bad for the cashier because you could tell she was having one heck of a day. I don't know exactly what had gone on this morning but you could tell she was having a STRESSFUL day. I tried to talk with her a little as I was checking out and she seemed to lose a little of that stress. Make sure you always try to talk to your cashier...I know they are suppose to ask how you are but when you do it to them...(most of the time) it means so much. They are more helpful and interact better with you.

Put a smile on their face! (I just thought of that song... "Put a smile on  your face and make the world a better place!" haha) I am jammin' out now!

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