Quick Trip Out (Some Expiring Coupons)

Tonight my mother-in-law and Grandmommy asked Hailey and I to come out to Target  to look at birthday gifts for Nathan and of course Hailey! It is about that time for a new car seat for our little girl. Too bad the car seat we looked at was sold out at the store. It was on sale for $75 so I am not surprised but we did find it online! Whoo hoo!

Of course, I had to take this oppurtunity to grab a few things from target, publix and walgreens. I wasn't going to go to Publix but my coupons for John Frieda Full Repair and my friend Kristy told me they restocked the shelves! So excited! And here is why:

Do you see that! Negative Sub-total of .04!!!! How awesome is that! Total savings $22.00!!! I paid $0.70 in tax it was $0.74! I have never had this happen to me before. Super excited! So here is a picture of the hair care products I purchased.

I was so happy I decided that I was going to try to see if Walgreens had any more of the great deals left! And THEY DID! They were completely stocked up! I was super excited! Nathan asked if I could switch out one of my items to get him some deodorant so I did. Here is what I got...this was split up into three transactions. 

Realizing now I could have done this in two but oh well. 

If you are wondering how I got the Tide Stain Release...it was by accident. I did not see that this deal was crossed off until after I came home and was told by a friend. My coupons had gone through so I didn't even think about it but come to find out the coupons I used had a size restriction. I should have checked my coupons before I used them but I didn't. Anyways, I was going to return them tomorrow...it was not a trip out of my way because I am going that way. I called the store to let them know what had happened, that I was sorry and I was going to return them but she told me not to worry about it. She was so sweet...and of course she said that they would get the money for the coupons because they had gone through with no problem. I asked if she was sure and she said yes. (I will say to everyone that I would not do this deal since it was not the right coupons.)


3 Tide Stain Release 10 pks --- $4.08 OOP received $3 RR

5 Gillette Bodywashes, 2 Gillette Deodorants -- $12.46 (used $3) recieved $10 RR

4 Suave Bodywashes, 1 Suave Deodorants -- $4.43 recieved $3 RR
(My B1G1 Free coupons took $3 off each which gave me $2 extra dollars off my subtotal! So excited!) 

Total OOP: $20.97 with $13 RR 
Just like getting it for $7.97!!! or $0.53 each!!!

This will be my last bodywash or deodorant trip for hopefully the rest of the year! Wish me luck. haha

Addition to post:

Total Savings at Walgreens: $52.47!!!

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