Saving on Saturday 6.4.2011

What a beautiful day...hot but a wonderful breeze! We took this opportunity to take all our recyclables to the recycle center. It was kind of tempting to see if I could find any coupon inserts but I didn't give in. I would like to ask some of my friends and family for thier extra coupons but I have been teaching most of the people I know to use them. :-D 

Anyways, before we went to the recycle center I asked Nathan to stop at Walgreens. I saw that they had Garnier Shampoo and Conditioner on last chance clearance. I was able to print (4) $1.00 off coupons making them $1.19. What was sweeter was if you bought 4 Garnier products you recieved $4 in Registry Rewards! 

Total OOP: $5.57 (tax was $0.81)
Total Savings: $11.20
Registry Rewards for next purchase: $4

So it is basically getting them for $0.76 plus tax or $0.39 each!!!! This was a great deal especially because they are Shampoo & Conditioner 2-in-1!!! I am very thankful for Nathan letting me use his computer to print off 2 more coupons so I could get this deal! 

After we went to the Recycle Center, we headed over to Target. We had to get Father's day cards (I just realized that we need a birthday card too for tomorrow!!!), trash bags and batteries. And since we were going I threw in my freebies and moneymakers! Take a look! 

I purchased:

- 84 count Glad Odor Shield Trash Bags (these are for the diaper trash can) $12.79
- 44 count Hefty Black Out Trash Bags $4.99 (this had a peelie for $1 off plus I had a $1 target coupon...it sometimes pays off to look at the items in the back!)
- 3 Father's Day Cards $8.57
- 16 count hair clips for Hailey $2.99 
- Starbucks Iced Coffee (Nathan wanted these and it is cheaper than going to Starbucks)$7.29
- 10 count Energizer Batteries $7.00
- 2 Rimmel Mascaras FREE + $1.12 moneymaker!!!! 
- 4 Nexcare Shrek Bandaids FREE + $0.52 moneymaker!!!
- White Long Sleeve Shirt $0.24!!!! So excited. I had another coupon but I gave it to a lady next to me and I told her about how she could print coupons from Target's website! She was so happy! 

Total OOP: $43.23 plus $4.72 tax
Total Saved: $21.00 with coupons (unsure of what the original prices of some of the items were...all but 2 things we bought were on sale!)

How did you do?

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