Rescheduling the No Spending Spree!

After a lot of thought I will have to post pone our No Spending Spree! I do find this funny but I did not plan ahead as well as I thought I did. Nathan and I wrote up a list of certain things that we will need in the next few weeks for the house and a few groceries. Here is our list:

- Coffee
- Coffee Creamer
- Diet Coke/Coke
- Yeast
- Bread Flour
- Baking Powder
- Chicken Breasts
- Jalapenos
- Ant Killer

I would also like to keep my eye open for:

- Centerpiece for our kitchen table
- 2-3 picture frames for photos that I have in our office
- 2 binders (Household Binder and Tastefully Simple Binder)
- 3 hole punch

I find it quite funny that I will be rescheduling a no spending spree but when you are not stocked up on items that you will be needing it doesn't really work out as well! I will try to do this as soon as we get all the things we need!

Are you on a no spending week or month? Let me know how it is going!

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