Great Time with Family and Stocked Up On Cherrios!!!

Yesterday, we celebrated Mr. John's birthday (aka Nathan's dad, Hailey's Poppe and my father in law) with a wonderful lunch prepared by Mrs. Joy (aka Nathan's mom, Hailey's Mimi and my mother in law) of Chicken n Dumplings, Cabbage Salad, broccoli and Angel Food cake topped with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream! It was delicious! 

After opening cards and gifts Nathan, Bo and Sarah went to play ultimate frisbee. I was bummed that I couldn't go and play with them but I do want my elbow to heal. While they were doing that I decided to clip out coupons to give to Mrs. Joy so she could stock up on deodorants and Tide Stain Release. This week I purchased 6 papers and I read that apparently I am a crazy person because I did this. haha But I need a bunch of coupons to share and for myself. It is hard to come by some specific coupons here so I had to jump on the chance. 

I also gave Sarah (aka Nathan's sister, Hailey's aunt and my sister in law) and her husband Bo some coupons to stock up on cereal, pasta, instant breakfast and fruit snacks. All these things were BOGO at Publix this week. I was excited that I was able to do this because my new found passion is saving money for friends and family! And of course my family as well.

Anyways, we all stayed for dinner and a movie! Dinner was pizza from Dominos which is conveniently next to Publix! While getting the coupons together for Sarah I noticed that I had tons of coupons for Cherrios and I could get them for $1.04 per box! Hailey and Eden (the little girl I babysit) eat these like they are going out of style! I have been trying to keep stocked up on these since they are growing babies! This price was even cheaper than Aldi, so I had to jump on the chance to get these!

Bo and I volunteered to go get the pizza so we left right after it was ordered so we had enough time to swing into Publix. I took Bo shopping for the items they had coupons for 6 boxes of pasta, 4 boxes Fiber One, 2 boxes fruit snacks and 2 boxes of Carnation Instant Breakfast.

Total OOP: $17.99
Total Saved: $29.00!!!

I took a picture of my order:

I purchased 5 boxes of Cherrios and 1 box of Fiber One. I wanted to get 7 boxes of Cherrios but that is all they had left. I know that I bought the rest of them but we really need them. My friend is going to check to see if there are anymore out today or tomorrow...if not I asked if she could get a raincheck for me.

Total Spent: $7.41
Total Saved: $18.10

I also got a raincheck for the John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner. It is on sale for $3.49 and I have (6) $2 off coupons plus (3) $3 off 2 Target coupons! I did just realize that my raincheck says for Root Awakening and 2 of my $3/2 coupons are for Full Repair. I will have to get a new raincheck or find 2 different coupons for the root awakening! I would love to able to purchase these for FREE!

If I am about to get the 6 John Friedas I will be stocked up for probably the rest of the year!

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