The Start of No Shopping

Since I have stopped working my restaurant job at night we have had to adjust our budget...even more than I had before. I have lowered the grocery, going out to eat and misc. shopping budgets. It will challenge me to be very creative with what we have in our pantry.

Hailey and I headed out this morning to get our groceries for the next three weeks! It was kind of stressful due to construction and a very surprising amount of people shopping! We went to Publix, Walmart and Aldi. (I only took a picture of the Publix trip...it was super hot out today so I had to get the groceries in the freezer and fridge.)

I had a great shopping trip at Publix today! Way better than the last time...this was because I went through Self-Check Out! A worker came over to me and asked if I wanted to try the self check out...I asked if it would be okay since I had coupons and she said of course. I was very sceptical about this because I have done this before (at Walmart) and have had a terrible time. Here is the break down of what I bought.

3 Mrs. T Perogies $0.90
1 Country Crock Spread $0.24
3 Twin Packs Country Crock Spread $0.73
4 Ronzoni Garden Delight  2 FREE & 2 for $0.89
2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest  $0.89
1 YoPlus Blackberry Pom. $0.45
1 Publix Hashbrowns (32 oz) $1.99
2 Carnation Instant Breakfasts $4.98
1 Publix Diet Coke (12 pk) $2.99
2 Lean Pockets $1.67

Subtotal: $13.95
Taxes: $2.28
Grand Total: $16.23

Total Saved: $37.12!!!

Walmart -- Sorry No picture!

4 Mom's Best Oatmeal $1.00
2 Brillo Pads (8 ct.) $0.90
2 Flyswatters - FREE
4 Holiday Saran Wrap (100 ft.)  $3.00
1/2 lb Bologna $1.36
1 lb Buffalo Chicken Breast $5.98
1 Kraft Dlx Singles (24 ct.) $3.88

Subtotal: $16.08
Taxes: $1.90
Grand Total: $17.98

Total Saved: $7.10

Large Aldi Trip - Sorry...no picture!

3 Spiral Mac n Cheese $1.77
1 Flour Tortillas $0.99
1 Baking Soda $0.49
1 Peanut Butter Wafers $0.99
1 bunch Bananas $1.05 (Should have been 50% off...oh well)
2 Deli Sliced Cheese $4.58
1 Deli Sliced Cheese $2.19 (marked down)
1 pk Strawberries $1.49
2 bags of chips $2.78
2 pk Blueberries $1.98
1 bag Whiting Fillets $3.49
1 bag Ahi Tuna Steaks $3.99
1 pk Sliced Bacon $2.79
3 Gallons Milk (2 Whole, 1 Skim) $8.97
1 Olive Oil $2.99
1 White Bread $0.79
2 cans Black Beans $1.10
2 cans Refried Beans $1.58
2 lg cans Pinto Beans $1.98
1 can Baked Beans $0.55

Subtotal: $46.54 (Should have been $46.01)
Taxes: $3.61
Grand Total: $50.51


Total Spent for the Month: $84.36
Left over for the Month: $65.64

Not too bad for 3 weeks worth of groceries. Tomorrow I will be planning out the next 3 weeks of meals. I will post those when I am finished.

How are you all doing? How much have you saved? What meals are you planning this week?

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