Coldwater Creek & Target -- Last Week

I meant to have put this picture up last week but I completely forgot especially since most of the stuff has been sitting in the box it came in.

This was from the Coldwater Creek sale a couple of weekends ago. All except the black shirt...that is from Target. It was on clearance for $4.98 and I had the $3 off Target Coupon! So excited. The two jackets, scarf, 3 pairs of sandals and pair of capris are from the outlet on coldwatercreek.com!

It was like Christmas when my packages arrived in the mail! I love the clothes and everything fit amazingly! I have only ordered clothing online a few times so I was really hoping these would work out too. If not I could always send return the items I did not like or had not fit.

What do you think?! I know I am in love. I have worn the yellowish-gold jacket two times!

Let me know if you snagged any great deals on clothes or shoes recently! I would love to hear and see your findings!

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