Day One of No Spending...

You probably think I did great but no! Haha. I made Sweet Tea this afternoon (I have it daily for nathan and I to drink) and I realized I was running out of sugar. I was going to buy this at Sam's Club because they seemed to have the best price per pound.

Well I ended up having to go to Walgreens to pick up a prescription (3rd time is a charm to get this one too) and check to see if they had any clearance elbow support braces left. Those tags were gone so the price was back to $14.99 for the one I wanted. BOOO!

So I headed to Walmart to get the elbow support brace because I saw it was $9.98 there and it was a bit nicer than the one Walgreens had. While I was there I decided to see if they had anymore Nexcare Band aids (nope!) and if any other items were at a good price to get. The one thing I found was sugar was cheaper than Sam's Club! I was very happy. I will still be going to Sam's Club at some point to get active yeast and bread flour.

I also found the All You Magazine was on sale for $1.88! Whooo!

I do have a story for you about the Purex Complete 3-in-1 Travel Size. Yesterday the lady behind me told me that when you purchased this size they had a coupon inside for $1.00 off. You pay $0.97 and get a $1.00 coupon making it free plus overage or so I thought! I bought one tonight to see if it was true...yes it did come with a coupon inside but it CLEARLY states EXCLUDES TO GO SIZES!!!! This woman has been misusing these coupons for the past few months! And her friend who is a huge couponer told her about this deal!

I hope that I am wrong but I am sad that Walmart will not be getting this money. I know I have had plenty of difficult shopping trips there using coupons but it is still wrong to use a coupon for a product that it clearly states it can't be used on.

In total, I spent $22! I did need the brace and sugar...oh and I bought q-tips. Plus the All You magazine and a travel size Purex. Pretty expensive if you ask me but I will live.

Still working on the menus for the next few weeks. It is a bit challenging but I know I can do it!

P.S. The medicine I took is for pain for my elbow (I have tendinitis/tennis elbow) and it is making me a little out of it. It shall be interesting getting use to this medicine. I have to take it for the next 2 months. Oh boy! Pray my elbow heals quickly and that I stop using my right arm to lift or grab things. The smallest things hurt like picking up a glass.

Thank you!

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