All You Grocery Challenge!

In reading my All You magazine tonight, I came across an amazing challenge for you to help jump start your grocery savings!

All You is having the Third Annual ALL YOU Grocery Challenge starting June 19th! Your goal is to set a goal of spending $25 or less per family member per week at the grocery store for the 4 weeks with the goal of creating well-balanced meals!

(I thought it said $25 per week...which to me is easy with just Nathan, Hailey and I.)

Anyways, you get the chance to win a grocery card worth $1,000!! Whooo!!!

To sign up, visit allyou.com/grocerychallenge. Just enter your email and zip code. They will send you weekly tips and recipes to help you save in the checkout line!  

For more details read the information before you submit your info. I have already sign up! I will be posting on how we are doing!

(All information was taken from the all you website!)

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