Getting my Shopping List Together

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Coming back from vacation can throw you for a loop when trying to get back into a routine. Part of my routine is finding deals and getting coupons...fun stuff to me except when I haven't had to get anything for a week. 

I have looked through some ads and really haven't found much. This is not really good because we need a decent amount of groceries. I thought I had enough food for when we came back from vacation since it was only a week until August started. Of course not though. 

I am really hoping to spend as little as possible so I am going to be heading to Aldi! They always have low prices on milk, fruit, veggies and meat. I hoping this is true for today. I may also stop by the farmer's market that is near our house today. (I will do this first too see what I can get there before I head to Alid.)

I do have a farmer's veggie and fruit box coming sometime next month. It was put on back order because the farms have had a slow growing season. That works for me though. 

What will you be getting this week? Please let me know! 

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