Redecorated the Kitchen Today!

Today I was changing the table cloth on my table...my Nana asked me if I had any place mats to put on the table. I found these blue ones in my china cabinet. I have only used them for special occasions so they look brand new. 

It looked unfinished with just the place mats so I took the vase with flowers off of my desk, 2 candles from the back bathroom, the plate it all sits on from my Fiestaware Collection and the coasters from the kitchen! (The napkin and place mats were wedding gifts we received.)

Total OOP: $0.00!!!!!

I love that I can save money by re-purposing items that are already in our house. I will take a picture of our living room and show you how we changed it around to make it one open space! Nathan did most of the work...I just told him where I wanted our couch. He placed everything around that. 

Our next small project is to create a wall of photos. Nathan has taken some amazing photos that I would love to display in our house. We will choose a bunch of photos to print out and place them in different size/shaped frames. I would love to have black and dark brown picture frames. I am still open to other colors but that is what I am thinking right now. 

Also, my sister in law gave me a collage picture frame that I would like to place pictures in. I would love for this to be in our office/middle room. We are trying to work on the room before we hang pictures up. I am going to try to go through this room and get rid of unwanted/un-needed items. 

I will also try to sell the tv, tv stand, xbox 360 and couch that are in this room. :-D 

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