Aldi Shopping Trip - 8/21

After my trip with Jessica and Hailey to Kohl's (pictures to come later), we stopped at Aldi for a few items. I will have to go back in a few days to get some milk for Nathan and I will be taking advantage of their sales on some items! 

Here is what I purchased:

- Whole Milk 2.99
- 2 peaches .50
- 2 cans vegetables .98
- 2 Fit and Active Waffles 2.58

Total OOP: 7.60

I am so excited about this because I will totally be able to stay within my $100 budget for the month! I knew I could do it! I just have to be creative and use all the resources that I have! 

- Stock Up Deals with Coupons
- Aldi's Everyday Low Prices
- Our Garden (okra, lettuce, basil - soon zucchini, corn and hopefully tomatoes & cucumbers)
- Vegetables given from family and friends (tomatoes, okra & peppers)
- Making breads, doughs, cookies, cakes, ect. from scratch! 

I have learned to use what I already have to make our meals and to fill in the gaps with sale items! 

How are you doing with your grocery budget? What are some tips you could share with everyone? 

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  1. I make everything from scratch. I use my crock pot and bread maker a lot to avoid eating out and I serve leftovers for lunch almost every day. I was spending about $40 a week on groceries, but lately I have been trying to buy a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables so it's gone up a little bit. Teddy and I are very happy with our grocery bills!


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